The creative team around Nelly Sitbon

Nelly Sitbon was born in France but spent her childhood in the 1970s, in the city of Singapore, an inspiring business and cultural hub. The colorful and heteroclite influences to which she was exposed gave her a keen sense of observation and analysis that has guided her throughout her life. Since her return to France in the 1980s, creativity mixed with business dynamics have become a veritable vocation.

After graduating as a fashion stylist at 24, she helped several businesses and small entrepreneurs  develop their brand image and promote their products staged in the right atmosphere.

A witness to important changes in France’s business landscape during the 2000s, she decided to face market evolution by founding in Lyon in 2003 Chasseurs d’influences, a style and communication agency. Literally digging out new trends and influences as the poetic French name claims.

The need to develop appropriate and relevant concepts that could be easily reproduced became apparent to her. To answer this need, she gathered a diverse team of professional talents to offer support to companies and brands seeking a creative answer on a human scale.

Our Commitments :
- A deep knowledge and understanding of consumer behavior due to our field experience.
- A permanent quest for groundbreaking new ideas.
- The development of a close relationship with our clients: to listen carefully and to adapt to their wishes.
- To be smooth and flexible in our relationships with costumers and providers.
- To draw up an estimate before start.
- We guarantee a timely service, carefully watching deadlines and rates fixed by the invoice.