The transfer of efficiency tools

Chasseurs d'influences shares its ground experience to help you develop your point-of-sale efficiency : have your brand stand out, increase your appeal to customers through your showcases and exhibits, reinforce the attractiveness of the point-of-sale.
All of our training programs are designed after our field experience. Our training courses are punctuated by interactive workshops, making them practical and directly applicable.

Our training programs :
The Front Window : Strategy of appealing seduction
Merchandising : optimum management of the point-of-sale space.
The point-of- sale: optimize your sales.
Communication at the point-of- sale :
Increase your visual impact.
Buffet set up : creating a trendy buffet at low cost.
The art of gift-wrapping :  loyalty-building elements.

Our clients

ESAIL (Lyon Institute of Advanced Interior Design): Introductory training in staging conferences.
Audience: Baccalaureate students and higher

«Showcasing and merchandising, the strategy of appeal» ,«The appeal of your point of sale» Coaching shop owners
Lyon, Ain, Nord Isère, Nord Ardèche , St Etienne Chambers of Commerce.
Chalons sur Saône and St Etienne Chambers of Crafts
HOTEL MERCURE (ACCOR Group) : Training head chefs and their teams in staging breakfast buffets.
/ WOMEN’S CONFECTIONERS CENTER (Seminar) : Continuing education: «Colorful and stunning showcases» / ESPACE TEXTILE - «Merchandising» / RHÔNE ALPES DESIGN CENTER (ARDI) - Display training course: «Opticians’ showcase»

CHOCOLATE Trade Show (2005 & 2009) - «Creating attractive showcases without
losing your shirt» / VITRINES ET TENDANCES Trade Show - «Showcases: the strategy of
SAINT ÉTIENNE International Design Biennial -«How design can bolster sales performance»/ French Chambers of Commerce Convention «Making a point of sale a reliable driver of purchases»
Lyon Chamber of Commerce - «Lyon Shop & Design» Workshop - «Showcases: the
strategy of appeal» / Beaujolais Region Chamber of Commerce -«Increasing the appeal
of your point of sale» / ALES Chamber of Commerce -«Global design: an opportunity for
business development» .