A real chameleon providing companies with the keys to appeal to customers and to increase competitiveness.

At the crossroads of style, design, marketing and communication,
the Chasseurs d'influences agency helps businesses and goods manufacturers as well as service providers to develop their key concepts, brands and public image.
Chasseurs d'influences ( which translates into trend hunters in English), leads close studies and captures the spirit of the times in order to relay trends and to decipher and interpret the world around us.

Our strength : the ability to imagine, design and open new creative doors with a touch of humour, poetry and freshness.

Our departments:
- Monitoring and publishing: market and trend analysis. Strategic recommendations.
- Pedagogy: conferences and initial or continuous training.
- “Storytelling”, Staging design,  scenography during events, , window displays and merchandising.
-  Communication and  advertising: leading identity, graphic standards, institutional supports and events organizing. Strategy, Print and Web.